Winemaker accused of draining rival’s wine

An Australian winemaker has appeared in court over allegations he drained 25,000 litres of Chardonnay worth more than AUS$300,000 at a rival winery.


Trevor Jones, 57, is facing charges of criminal trespass and property damage at Kellermeister Wines in Lyndoch in South Australia’s Barossa Valley following the alleged incident in February, as reported by Australian Business Insider. 

He is accused of opening the taps on four tanks of 2011 Chardonnay on Sunday, 22 February, at the winery, which his parents Ralph and Val Jones founded in 1976. It was sold to Mark Pearce in 2012 when Ralph Jones retired.

Trevor Jones had previously worked at the winery but left in 2010 to start Trevor Jones Fine Wines, also in Lyndoch.

Following the spill, Pearce said he was “very lucky” the premium reds had not been unaffected.

“No red wine or Shiraz that we are most renowned for was impacted … It could have been a lot worse,” he told The Advertiser“It was just some old Chardonnay vintage. The premium reds are safe and sound. That would have been pretty unfortunate but we are very lucky.”

Jones did not enter a plea during his court appearance today, and will reappear in Adelaide Magistrates Court in June.

2 Responses to “Winemaker accused of draining rival’s wine”

  1. Madeline says:

    Kellermeister is a misogynistic “Boys Club” winery, that openly bashes other barossa wineries to tourists on route.
    (an experience my friends and myself have had every time we wish to enjoy our local tourism)
    Where their product in honesty is closer to a cheap Wolf Blass and they are re-known winery bashers in the area.
    Perhaps Trevor Jones did them a favour by disposing of what tasted like cats urine?

    Mark Pearce, You really need to re-evaluate your attitude towards the local wine industry.
    Your misogynistic business attitude and bad mouthing of other wineries is potentially affecting local tourism.
    (especially when you don’t have the product to back it up)
    I used to live in SA and do not enjoy people dampening the only long term profiting industry they have left. We should be supporting it.
    I am back in SA in July to visit, I really hope to see a change in your business attitude and staff by that time.

  2. Anon says:

    That volume of 2011 Chardonnay still in tank and worth $12.00/L? Given the vintage conditions that year and apparent lack of demand for such a large parcel of wine I’d be amazed if it was worth a tenth of that. Smells like an insurance scam.

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