Top 10 most expensive beer countries

While it may not factor heavily in someone’s decision to visit a country, once there, it can prove a bit of a bore to pay an arm and a leg for a beer.

beer lager

So here, with the help of, we’ve helpfully assembled the top 10 most expensive countries to buy a pint of your favourite lagers, saving you the blind panic of showing up at a bar without enough of its local currency.

From the midst of the middle east to the frozen tundra of northern Europe, you’ll not be caught short by local prices again.

Click through to see what countries currently make beer look like Champagne in a big glass…

2 Responses to “Top 10 most expensive beer countries”

  1. John McGeehan says:

    Umm- where’s Australia in that list? It costs $11 -12 for a pint of beer over there (yes really), which is around £6- £6.50!!!

  2. Peter Cousins says:

    Try the Royal Albert hotel Reservoir rd in Sydney I don’t recall
    spending that much for a pint ( & on handpumps as well ! ) I think it was about $9:00 a pint but the beer was in brilliant condition 1 light beer & 1 dark beer, did find a pub some years back in Perth WA $9 a pint in about 2005 very dear !
    Herts UK

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