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Emma GAO: Grande dame of Silver Heights

29th October, 2014 by Jean-Baptiste Ancelot

Emma Gao is the the winemaker of Silver Heights, a Chinese micro-vineyard, which produces only 40,000 bottles a year.

Pictures by Ludovic Pollet

WINE EXPLORERS: How did you become a winemaker?

GAO Emma: It was my father who had the idea to make me learn oenology in France. For a better future in my career. I first started in Orange, then in Bordeaux, for a total of four years in France. The life style to the French and the cultural richness of the country impressed me. I loved studying at the University of Bordeaux, with internships in several key areas. As you know this school is very serious and the best teachers teach there. Their professionalism inspired me a lot. I went to China in 2004….

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