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Saturday 4 July 2015

Headband uses power of the mind to pour pints

19th August, 2014 by Neal Baker

In this day and age, why should people expect to use their arms to pour themselves a beer? With this piece of tech, that chore may soon be a thing of the past.

Thinking 'beerly' – A demonstration of the mind-controlled beer tap using the Muse headband (Photo: InteraXon)

Thinking ‘beerly': A demonstration of the mind-controlled beer tap using the Muse headband (Photo: InteraXon)

Beer has forever been mistakenly rumoured to damage brain cells. But how about using the power of the brain to actually pour yourself a glass of beer?

That’s what a Canadian tech firm set out to do with their latest piece of kit.

Dubbed “The Muse”, the sleek headgear uses brainwaves to detect users’ emotional state.

It then translates these into computer signals able control all manners of gadgets.

And one of the first uses the developers at InteraXon came up with was allowing punters to imagine themselves a beer.

InteraXon CEO Ariel Garten shows off her mind-reading headgear (Photo: InteraXon)

InteraXon CEO Ariel Garten shows off her mind-reading headgear (Photo: InteraXon)

Linked up with a special hands-free beer tap, users of the Muse headband need only picture a glass of beer to get their hands on the real thing.

Wearing the headband and standing in front of the beer tap, users’ beer-craving brainwaves are transmitted to a computer and interpreted as ‘relaxed’ or ‘focused’.

When these signals exceed a certain threshold, the beer spout opens. The result? Thoughts are turned into a frosty serving of beer.

“Developed independently throughout the world, it’s the beverage that’s been around during the times of the greatest and most influential thinkers known to mankind” says the company’s literature.

“And we like to think that a pint or two had something to do with the groundbreaking concepts and philosophies that have shaped the world,” it says.

“And besides, we’re Canadians. Society owes a lot to beer, so a thought-controlled beer tap is just our small way of giving back to this ignoble beverage that has shaped our way of life.”

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