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Top 10 Vermouths

Vermouth – it is one of those drinks that most people will have heard of, but probably don’t know a huge amount about, other than it’s used in martinis.

VermouthFor those who don’t know it is a fortified wine that is flavoured with different herbs and botanicals, including roots, flowers, seeds and spices. Historically vermouth was either sweet or dry, but nowadays it typically comes in four different styles, which are bianco, rosso, rossato and extra dry.

As well as being a popular ingredient in cocktails, such as the aforementioned martini or the Manhattan, vermouth can also be enjoyed straight up, over ice and even in cooking.

While this scribe has yet to try it with food, I have enjoyed some drinks with a range of vermouths, so click through the following pages for my top 10 vermouths.

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  1. Pat Purdy says:

    You haven’t tried our Drapò Bianco and Drapò Rosso yet!!! Now these are two excellent vermouths!!!!!

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