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Thursday 17 April 2014

If that's interesting, how about these?

Top 10 wines in the UK press

16th September, 2013 by Andy Young

Innocent Bystander Sparkling Pink Moscato 2012 (from £6.95, Corks of Cotham; Vinoteca; Noble Green Wines; Noel Young Wines)

Innocent Bystander Sparkling Pink MoscatoIn The Observer, David Williams tackled the potentially controversial subject of wines that can be drunk at any time of the day. For this “breakfast” wine he wrote: “Even if at the end of a hedonistic Saturday night some of us find ourselves drinking at what is, technically, breakfast time, most of us wouldn’t choose to start Sundays by reaching for a corkscrew.

“The odd occasion can’t hurt though, especially if the wine is as feathery light in texture and low in alcohol (5.5%) as this gently sparkling, subtly sweet rosé. Think of it as a bibulous take on posh pink grapefruit and grape juice with a handful of crushed berries, or as the softest hair of the dog.”

One Response to “Top 10 wines in the UK press”

  1. Mark Harrison says:

    I have been a specialist importer of single domain wines of Burgundy for over 35 years and know well the problems with harnessing the erratic behavioural characteristics of ageing Pinot Noir wines both in cask and bottle. I cannot understand why neither the country 0f production nor the region of production for Palataia has been mentioned,

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