PIWOSA rhino given parking ticket

Petty officialdom won on the night at the Beautiful South Tasting yesterday when a traffic warden gave a rhino statue a parking ticket.

ken forresterThe rhino, known as Wino the Rhino, is the mascot of the Premium Winemakers of South Africa (PIWOSA) and was placed outside the entrance to Olympia where the Beautiful South tasting is being held.

However, Ealing council took a dim view of Wino’s positioning and a traffic warden appeared to slap a parking ticket on the plastic odd-toed ungulate despite the remonstrations of Ken Forrester (pictured) who is one of the group.

In the face of official sense of humour failure, PIWOSA moved Wino inside the exhibition hall.

PIWOSA later posted a picture of the ticket on Twitter. See more photographs of the ticketing on the following pages.

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