The world’s skinniest drinks

Yesterday we revealed the world’s most fattening drinks, and today we look at the other end of the scale and reveal the world’s least calorific alcoholic drinks.

WaistlineA low calorie message is now being seen as a further way to attract drinkers, beyond just cheap price and promotional offers.

Many winemakers, including E&J Gallo, McWilliams and Banrock Station have all recently released low calorie, low alcohol wines.

Banrock Station’s brand manager, Neil Morolia told db, “Say 5.5% abv to a consumer and most of them will not really understand. Say 60 calories per glass to them and all of a sudden you are talking their language.”

These drinks are in stark contrast to the world’s most fattening drinks, some of which carry more calories than a Big Mac, although they do have much less fat.

But today’s drinks start at just 150 calories, which is roughly what you’ll find in a bowl of cereal and it takes around 20 minutes of jogging or 40 minutes of “medium pace” walking to burn off 150 calories.

One Response to “The world’s skinniest drinks”

  1. Daisy Jones says:

    Now this is what us ladies need to know after reading about those calorie loaded cocktails yesterday! Shocking.

    Could be time for industry ‘cocktail’ health warnings…

    Daisy Jones
    Associate Publisher
    The Spirits Business

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