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Tuesday 30 June 2015

Third Sideways novel to be set in Chile

7th January, 2013 by Lucy Shaw

Rex Pickett, author of wine-themed novel Sideways, which inspired the Oscar winning movie of the same name, is to set the third part of the trilogy in Chile.

Chilean flag

Pickett is currently half way through a four-month research trip to Chile, where he is gathering material for the novel, to be set in Chilean wine country, which is expected to be published in 2014.

Among the wineries Pickett has visited thus far are Casas del Bosque in the Casablanca Valley, Matetic and Viña Casa Marin in the San Antonio Valley, Lapostolle in the Colchagua Valley and Amayna in Leyda.

Pickett outlined the basic plot for the novel on his website: “Miles has been reduced to corporate outings after the success of his novel and the movie that sprang from it.

“He’s sucked the marrow out of the Pacific Coast and wants a big change. He could have gone to France, but everyone’s done France. Events will conspire to take him to Chile.”

Chile wine cork

At the end of Pickett’s second novel – Vertical – the sequel to Sideways, he hinted that protagonists Miles and Jack were headed for new horizons.

The Chile idea came about when Wines of Chile approached Pickett with the idea of a four-month sponsored trip

Pickett is full of enthusiasm for the country: “Chile is exploding with possibilities.

“It’s the mirror opposite of the US Pacific Coast, running from southern California all the way up to Washington, so you have this incredible range, not to mention all the microclimates and unique volcanic soils,” he told website This is Chile.

He believes Chilean wines are the perfect antidote to inaccessible pricy Burgundies.

Pickett taking time out during his Wines of Chile trip

Pickett taking time out at Amayna during his Wines of Chile trip

“The most expensive bottle in the country is US$250 and everything else is way below that, yet the quality of the wine is there,” he said.

Pickett is still fine tuning the novel’s plot, and is toying with the idea that Miles gets invited to Chile as a guest of Wines of Chile, mirroring his own experience.

“Jack could come down to rescue Miles from an earthquake, fall in love with a woman and get dumped in the Atacama Desert.

“Maybe Miles’ love interest Maya comes back in the picture and their dream is to buy a plot of land in Patagonia to make biodynamic Pinot Noir,” Pickett told This is Chile.

“Chile will be a journey and wine will play a part, but I don’t know what that journey is yet because I have to experience the country first,” he added.

In addition to Sideways III, Pickett is also pushing director of the Sideways film Alexander Payne for a sequel based on his second novel, Vertical, set in Oregon, published in October 2010.

8 Responses to “Third Sideways novel to be set in Chile”

  1. the author makes an excellent choice of wineries in Chile. Lapostelle is a premier gold standard with diverse wines from the Clos Apalta to the Cuvee Alexandre selections most notable. Matetic with its “EQ” series wines are outstanding and visiting the estate, alone, is worth a story. Casa Marin, I witnessed in its development stages and find its wines truly exceptional: the Sauvignon blanc and S. Gris mirror the best blend of France and New Zealand versions-melding outstanding fruit with luscious minerality. The Riesling is also outstanding with its unique terroir characteristics. The Pinot Noir and Syrah simply world class and more European in their style than similar varietals form hotter regions of the country. Chile’s wines are marvelous both in quality and value, far less priced than any comparables from other regions of the world..

  2. Andrew Abbott says:

    Connoisseurs of Chilean wine should try SYNOPSIS. The brand has 7 varietals all of which are superb and in every way superior to Casa Lapostolle: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Malbec, Carmenere, Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay.

  3. James Barton says:

    Congratulations to Mr. Pickett not only for his exceptionally creative writing and refined palate, but also for his incredibly good taste in choosing Chile for his next project – Bravo!
    JBF – Santiago de Chile
    P.S. Mr. Bentley’s commentary around choice of wineries — Chilean wines in general – is spot on.

  4. Wonderful news. I’ve been to Casa Lapostolle and Casas del Bosque. I can’t wait to read. Plus talking about making cool climate biodynamic Pinot Noir also peaks my interest.

  5. Mary in Tucson says:

    I lived in Chile for 2.5 years. Whites from the Casablanca Valley are fabulous; Valle de Maipo for reds. Some other vitners to explore: Los Vascos makes an incredible rose; Montes Alpha for a Syrah that is nothing short of heaven; and, in general, any wine priced CLP $4,000 and up will be absolutely fantastic. Also note, you generally won’t find Zinfindel or other Italian grapes in Chile. Chile’s viticulture follows French winemaking; zinfindel is Italian. Italian varietals are very pricey and hard to come by. Something I learned living there. Also, Chilean wines are meant to be drunk young, generally within 6 years. The fruit is bright and clean, a pleasure to drink. Enjoy your time there. The memories will linger for years to come.

  6. Vicente Piña, CSW says:

    Having read the first two books, I found the story and character development deep as the series has progressed. Vertical was as much a story about family as it was about wine. We learn a great deal more about Miles, his family, upbringing, and most importantly, his fascinating mother. I’m eager too see if the third installment is as insightful and revealing as the second. Kudos to Mr. Pickett.

  7. Jay Crihfield says:

    Can’t wait, Can’t wait, Can’t wait! Definitely gonna have to brush up on more Chilean vineyards/wineries now!

  8. James G. says:

    Chilean wine will soon overtake wine from Sardinia as the
    most healthy wine on the market today.

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