Saudi Arabia and OIV object to .wine domain

15th August, 2012 by Richard Ross

New internet domain names, including the proposed .wine suffix, have sparked objections from Saudi Arabia, but also from within the wine industry.

Saudi Arabian authorities have objected to a series of new internet domain name extensions including .wine, .vodka and .bar, which would allow new addresses for drinks-based websites. The country’s IT and communications regulator has also objected to other domains, including .gay and .sexy.

The Saudi objection says that the drinks-related domains “will be used to promote and glamorise the consumption of alcohol which, in turn, is responsible for the prevalence of alcohol-related disease and a range of social ills.”

The international body responsible for administering the domain names, ICANN, decided last year to extend the number of ‘generic top-level domains’ (gTLDs) from the current list of….

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