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Thursday 17 April 2014

Receipt seems to show Olympic bosses bought £19,000 Cognac

6th August, 2012 by db_staff

A group of Olympic bosses appear to have splashed out on a £44,000 lunch that included a £19,000 bottle of 1853 Hennessy Cognac, according to reports circulating on the internet.

A receipt has been posted on Reddit, the news website, with the headline: “My friend’s a waiter and this is a receipt for an official lunch for 15 Olympic Bosses. Now we see where all the money’s going…”

From there it has spread onto more news websites where more details appear.

News website has speculated that the restaurant where the meal allegedly took place was London’s China Tang at the Dorchester hotel.

The person who posted the receipt on Reddit has since deleted their account, but not before the picture went viral.

The partial view of the bill shows other, relatively modestly-priced dishes like portions of spiced chicken, vegetarian fried rice and sorbet platters.

However there’s also a suggestion that the format of the bill makes the addition of the Hennessy at the bottom suspicious.

2 Responses to “Receipt seems to show Olympic bosses bought £19,000 Cognac”

  1. Chris Forbes says:

    Would it not have been easier to simply look at the VAT amount, the service charge etc and see that the fool that posted this could not even bother to do the maths properly on the fake receipt!

  2. Chris says:

    @ Chris Forbes. The receipt is actually correct. The 20% VAT amount is included within the total. It is just a different way of setting out the bill. Ex VAT, the bill would have come to £33,081. Still suspicious though…..

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