Chinese buyer of Burgundy château named

The recent buyer of Château Gevrey-Chambertin has been revealed as an associate of one of Macau’s richest men.

Louis Ng Chi-sing; Photo SDR

Louis Ng Chi-sing is a businessman working for Macau gambling tycoon Stanley Ho and apparently has a deep passion for wine.

He plans to restore the château and upgrade the wine production of its two hectares.

Jeannie Cho Lee MW, who is a friend of Ng, told Agence France Presse that he is a “passionate and knowledgeable” wine collector and that: “Given his genuine love for wine and for Burgundy, he will lovingly restore Chateau Gevrey-Chambertin to its former glory.”

One of Ng’s representatives stated: “The château will be renovated by a French architect who is known for his work on sites of national heritage across Burgundy.”

As well as using French builders, local winemakers and vineyard workers will be employed throughout the year to look after the property’s viticultural needs.

This revelation may go some way to calming the nerves of the local syndicate’s president, Jean-Michel Guillon, who reacted to the announcement last week by saying he hoped the sale would not lead to a wave of foreign investment in the region.

The château was originally bought back in May of this year but no announcement was made until last week.

Ng is an associate of Ho an holds an important role at the latter’s SJM Holdings where he is responsible for managing VIPs.

One Response to “Chinese buyer of Burgundy château named”

  1. Magnifica esta noticia de que un acaudalado empresario de casinos en Macao, haya comprado
    el CHATEAU GEVREY CHAMBERTIN, en la Borgogne de la France.Esto asi, por que el nuevo
    propietario, es muy conocedor del vino de calidad. Tanto es asi, que ya ha contratado a un
    personal debidamente capacitado en las distintas areas del mundo vinicola. Ademas de la
    restauracion del CHATEAU, se espera que se adueñe de algunos viñedos del area vinicola.
    En la misma textura, el personal que ha sido contratado, ha sido por tiempo completo. Lo que
    da entender que el asunto va en serio, la recuperacion de la propiedad incluyendo la ampliacion
    de los viñedos.

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