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Tuesday 2 September 2014

Goelet restructuring complete

23rd December, 2009 by Alan Lodge

Goelet Wine Estates (GWE) has undergone a restructuring programme which sees all production, sales, distribution, marketing and financial operations governed by a central board of directors.

gwe.jpgThe GWE international portfolio of wineries includes Clos Du Val (Napa Valley); Taltarni Vineyards (Victoria, Australia); Clover Hill (Australia); and Domaine de Nizas (Languedoc, France).
CEO Adam Torpy said: “The new structure of Goelet Wine Estates will allow each winery to retain its own distinct identity and control over day-to-day operations while fully benefiting from the extensive expertise and resources of our international team in winemaking, viticulture, distribution management and marketing support.

“GWE’s first priority has always been to make excellent ultra-premium wines; our new structure will allow us to take our quality to an even higher level.”
Christopher Goelet, chairman of GWE’s board of directors, said: “Our wineries in France, the US and Australia produce wines that are balanced, elegant and terroir specific.

“Each bottling reflects the individual topography, geography and climate of a particular region. Our new company structure will allow us to better use our knowledge, experience and resources to enhance the quality, distribution and image of each of our wineries.”
Bernard Portet, who has been instrumental in site selection, guidance and winemaking direction for all of the properties since the company’s inception in the early 1970s, will remain involved in the production and positioning of each of the wineries.

Adam Torpy has more than 13 years of wine industry experience and has developed, operated and managed several ultra-premium brands and sales and marketing divisions. Since 2005 he has served as CEO for Taltarni, a position he will relinquish with the change in GWE’s structure.

Alan Lodge, 23.12.2009 

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