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Tuesday 2 September 2014

Teachers pet?

6th November, 2003 by db_staff - This article is over multiple pages: 1 2

German importers are making the most of the upsurge in press coverage for German wines, but they still recognise the challenge ahead: education, education, education…

Nigel C F de M Blundell Managing director, Siegel Wine Agencies Ltd

I make no apology that I am a confirmed optimist and, possibly, when one has been selling German wines, one needs to be. 

Not only are we selling far more quality German Rieslings than ever before, but in order to help our growers produce more wine I am even planning to buy vineyards in the Mosel, the Nahe and possibly the Rheingau this autumn.  They probably won’t cost very much either.

What do I put this growth down to? We have four of Germany’s greatest producers in our portfolio, there hasn’t been one bad vintage since 1987 and there has been extremely supportive press commentary from top journalists.

There is also now more widespread riesling distribution and younger drinkers who perhaps were not brought up on Liebfraumilch, but Jacobs Creek – and who want to try other grape varieties. The future looks very positive.

Sarah Turner Wine buyer, Tesco

Currently sales of Germany are fairly static versus last year with some growth coming from the more modern style rieslings at the £3.99+ sector.

There is still a very loyal customer base for the generics such as Liebfraumilch and Hock but in order to grow Germany we need to continue to encourage customers to buy at more premium pricepoints.

The increased awareness of Riesling as a grape variety by customers has helped and we will continue to raise interest in this grape with the launch of a Riesling as part of our Tesco Finest range from Germany in the early part of next year.

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