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Glenfarclas: The age of glamour

At nearly £20,000 a bottle, the prestigious new release from Scotch distiller Glenfarclas is sure to tempt affluent customers who want to treat themselves.

The app that showcases positive reviews only

A new app has launched this year that focuses solely on positive bar and restaurant reviews in an effort to build a "positive community in a world driven by negativity".

Diversity in Argentine wine: Cabernet Franc

While Malbec may dominate the Argentine wine industry, many producers are diversifying their output and are looking to grapes like Cabernet Franc to add a fresh and lighter slant to their expressions.

Q&A: Gino Colangelo, Colangelo & Partners

Gino Colangelo, president of US-based PR agency Colangelo & Partners, shares his view of the US wine and spirit market today and the challenges and opportunities it offers.

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