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Franc-ly speaking: a focus on The Loire’s reds

The Loire is best known for its classic white wines, but a seminar at the London Wine Fair in May shone a light on the Loire’s forgotten reds, and the exciting development being unleashed on Cabernet Franc.

VIDEO: Inside the Global Rosé Masters 2019

We worked with our competition sponsors Pink Rosé Festival to show you what happens after the entries are submitted into our Global Masters, and the work that goes into assessing each wine in our annual awards.

Magic Dragon: Tasting China’s biggest wine brand

China’s Noble Dragon is a long-established brand, and one that is growing in prominence around the world. In a blind tasting at ProWein, db set out to see how it stands up against the best in its class.

75 cities celebrate Malbec World Day

A total of 75 cities around the world took part in this year's Malbec World Day which officially fell on 17 April, the ninth year that Wines of Argentina has run the programme celebrating the country's famed red grape.

Cool climate vision for Paris

February 9th, 2017

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