Oddbins ‘sticks neck out’ with first natural wine range

Oddbins is rolling out a range of natural wines in selected stores for the first time, as it taps into the growing buzz around low-intervention wines.

China driving a return to cork

Demand for wines bottled under cork in China is driving Australian producers to return to the closure according to Jordi Duran of Spanish cork producer Trefinos.

Notion that one in 10 wines is corked is ‘a myth’

Patrick Spencer, executive director of the Cork Forest Conservation Alliance, has slammed the claim that one in every ten wines bottled under cork is tainted as a “myth”.

Top 10 new products: September

September saw the release of a new Sherry aimed at a younger market, with the aim of dragging the category "out of out of grandma’s cupboard, and a Japanese gin from Beam Suntory.

From the magazine: Rare Sherry

September 4th, 2017

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