Fine wine market broadens to further heights

The number of unique wines traded on the Liv-ex platform has hit a new high, with over 1,000 LWIN7 marked wines being traded in July alone.

Six arrested after €100m wine fraud ring uncovered

Six people have been arrested in Spain for adulterating wine as part of an organised international operation involving over 60 companies. 

Liberty Wines adds Rafael Palacios to portfolio

Liberty Wines has been appointed the UK agent for Rafael Palacios, who is known for making some of Spain’s highest quality white wines in Valdeorras.

Ramón Bilbao launches single vineyard project

Taking a Burgundian approach to terroir, Rioja’s Ramón Bilbao has launched a trio of single vineyard wines as part of its ambitious new Lalomba project.

Carlos Falcó dies aged 83

March 24th, 2020

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