Majestic ‘getting back to what we do best’, new boss claims

Majestic is bringing back classic wines and “getting back to what we do well”, its new boss, John Colley, told the drinks business as it unveiled its revamped range this week.

Aldi launches ‘Aldi-ploma’ wine course

UK discounter Aldi is launching an online wine course for shoppers comprising a free-to-download online course and tutorial, which is says will make will make the wine aisle "less baffling" for consumers.  

Lidl to run pop-up wine tastings across UK

UK discounter Lidl is running a two-day wine pop-up blind tasting, in London, Manchester and Glasgow next month, which will take place entirely in the dark and set consumers back less than a fiver.

Selfridges unveils smart tech robot cocktail maker

Upmarket London department store Selfridges has unveiled its new bartender - a smart tech robot called Toni, which it claims is the world's first automated cocktail-maker, in collaboration with Bacardi.

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