Former Tesco wine buyer moves to Provence rosé maker Mirabeau

Provence rosé wine brand Mirabeau has hired former Tesco wine buyer Rob Dixon as head of retail in the UK and Ireland.

Asda opens first UK cash and carry style warehouse store

UK supermarket Asda, which is owned by US retail giant Walmart Inc, has opened its first cash and carry style warehouse in the UK under a new fascia, Deal Depot, that includes a selection of more premium wines.

Majestic sale completes as scale of original proposed closures revealed

Majestic has confirmed that the 140 stores that had been earmarked for closure under the previous owners will all remain open following its acquisition by Fortress Bank.

Amazon wine brand now available in the UK

Amazon has expanded distribution of its new own-label range of  wines, into the UK, following their launch in Germany last month - but they will cost you almost twice as much.

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