Is Australia the new Bordeaux for Chinese investors?

As China's thirst for Australian continues to grow, deep-pocketed Chinese investors are not just satisfied with tasting Australian wines in their glasses, more are looking to go to the source, purchasing Australian wineries at an "unprecedented level".

The top 10 best wineries in the world for tourists

Following the announcement this morning of the winners in the Best Of Wine Tourism awards, we bring you the top 10 best wineries in the world for tourists.

World Gin Masters – Asia: results and analysis

To say gin is undergoing a renaissance in Hong Kong is an understatement. The juniper-laced white spirit has not just seeped into Hong Kong, but has, as judges at our ‘World Gin Masters – Asia’ competition described it, “exploded” onto the market.

Wine Australia China Awards announced

Australia has honoured trade professionals in China that made "outstanding contributions" to promoting and raising awareness of Australian wine in the country, which is now the most profitable market for Australian winemakers.

Uncorked: Sue Hodder of Wynns

September 3rd, 2018

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