Portugal wants alcohol warning labels to ‘show the benefits too’

Portuguese and Italian officials have hit out at Ireland's plans to include health warnings on alcohol products which link drinking to a higher risk of developing cancer.

Abstinence in middle age found to increase dementia risk by 45%

A 23-year study launched in 1985 to examine the association between drinking alcohol and the risk of dementia has concluded that those who chose to abstain from drinking alcohol in middle age had a higher risk of developing dementia compared to those who did drink.

Fourteen promising drinks inventions unveiled in 2018

From products inspired by the onset of commercial space travel to injectable biochips that monitor the body's alcohol levels – we round up some promising, clever and outlandish drinks inventions that have launched this year.

Alcohol was the ‘standout winner’ for supermarket sales this summer thanks to World Cup fever

Alcohol sales were a "standout" success at UK supermarkets this summer, raking in almost £300 million in just one week, according to new figures.

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