Alcohol industry accused of social media ‘spin’ in Australia

A health foundation in the Australian state of Victoria has questioned the sponsorship ‘spin’ of top Instagram influencers by the alcohol industry but its own findings seem a little inflated too.

German scientists use gene-edited Tequila bacteria to produce cannabinoids

German pharmaceutical firm Farmako has filed a patent application for its process that uses Tequila bacteria to produce cannabinoids from sugar, dramatically reducing the cost of producing substances such as THC.

Pubs, bars and clubs face 130% hike in music license

Pubs, bars, clubs and cafes that host live djs and discos may be slapped with a 130% hike in the license to pay music, in a move described as a "potentially devastating" blow that will cost the hospitality sector millions.

The Open University offers new course on alcohol science

Oxfordshire brewery Hook Norton and the Cotswolds Distillery have teamed up with The Open University on a new online course focusing on the science of alcohol. 

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