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Sunday 25 September 2016 loc: US

ISIS lashing people caught smuggling alcohol

ISIS chiefs are punishing anyone that’s caught with illicit alcohol by handing out 80 lashes.

Top five weirdest ways to get drunk

Some people have managed to get drunk without raising a glass to their mouth, and here’s how they did it.

The week in pictures

A jaunt to Spain’s sunny Rías Baixas, a club full of artisan Aussie winemakers and a sweet tasting at BAFTA make up another interesting week for the drinks trade.

Winery to host Harry Potter wine dinner

A winery in Chicago is tapping into the ceaseless demand for all things Harry Potter by hosting a four-course Harry Potter wine pairing dinner.

Trend for sparkling Albariño on the rise

The trend for sparkling Albariño is on the rise as winemakers in Rías Baixas in northwest Spain seek to capitalise on the global popularity of sparkling wine.

Five gifts for gin lovers

Gin is very much on trend at the moment, and with its surge in popularity not looking like slowing down we bring you five gift ideas that are sure to put a smile on a gin lover’s face.

Could synthetic alcohol replace booze?

A synthetic alcohol that reduces the risk of a hangover could replace fermented and distilled alcohol by 2050, claims its inventor.

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