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March 2017


How New Zealand’s Pinot Noir producers are spreading their wings

While still a young part of the country’s wine industry, New Zealand’s Pinot Noir has come on in leaps and bounds in a short time.

What A Pa-Lava

Why the Volcanic Wine sector is heating up

It doesn’t take long handling soil and talking about friability for the average human to lose interest in the subject of terroir.

ProWein Preview

The Lowdown on this year’s wine fair

ProWein is back for another year, boasting a full programme of tastings, events, seminars and networking.

February 2017


Why Choosing the Right Closure Is Not an Open-and-Shut Case

It may seem extraordinary, but one the hardest decisions for any winemaker doesn’t concern practices in the vineyard or cellar.

Gran Tour

Why Rioja winemakers are flying the flag for reservas

Perusing some of the judges’ comments from the drinks business’s Rioja global masters in December 2016 made for sobering reading.

Shot in the Arm

How Vodka has become the spirit that refuses to die

Among a coterie of hipster bartenders, vodka is a dirty word. Gin is in, mezcal is a must, but vodka – forget it.

January 2017


We celebrate the victors in our annual Green Awards as part of a 16-page special on eco-friendly drinks

Once again, we took over the top floor at London’s famous The Ivy restaurant to celebrate the winners in our annual Green Awards – the world’s only gongs for all that’s environmentally responsible and alcoholic.

On the Road

How famous chefs are taking their restaurants overseas

Always ahead of the pack, two years ago René Redzepi of new Nordic restaurant Noma in Copenhagen – voted the world’s best restaurant a record four times.

The Light Stuff

Why Australia is turning its back on heavy-hitting wine

We’re sitting outside a church that has been converted into a wood-fired pizza restaurant called Lost in a Forest.

December 2016


Bordeux Regains its position as the big hitter in the liv-ex power 100 fine wine list

Devised to rank the world’s dominant fine wine labels using a range of measures – such as the value and volume traded, as well as price movement over the past 12 months.

Not So Crafty

Why some small brewers are making poor quality beer

Craft beer, however you want to define it – and that’s another article entirely – is booming, not just in Britain and the US, but around the world.

A Taste for Bling

What’s driving the global market for luxury spirits?

The global market for luxury spirits – however that concept is defined – is still experiencing growth, but what opportunities should producers be taking advantage of to keep their brands buoyant?

November 2016


A sparkling opportunity

The dominance of Champagne is being challenged by fizz made by producers from up-and-coming regions such as England, Italy and Tasmania.

Speeding ahead

Ferrari’s Matteo Lunelli on his global expansion plans

based in the Trentino region of Italy, Ferrari is setting its sights on becoming a global household name with its traditional-method sparkling wine, president and CEO Matteo Lunelli tell Patrick Schmitt MW

The Dolomite stuff

Bubbling under

The producers of bottle-fermented Trentodoc wine want to convince the world that their fizz is head and shoulders above the Italian Sparklers

October 2016

Blue Sky thinking

How innovation has opened a new chapter in global travel retail

‘When you’re in “travel mode” you have a very different mindset to purchasing

Fizz on the rocks

Tracking the explosion of Champagne over ice releases

‘Using ice cubes made from Champagne maintains the flavour profile and stays true to the original taste’

Port in a storm

Breaking free from the box of traditional expectaitions

While it is vital for producers to present Port in a modern light, they must also take care to preserve its unique and quirky traditions, writes Gabriel Stone

September 2016

Peak Performers

Counting Down Chile’s Most Powerful Winemakers

Just 10 companies are responsible for making the majority of bottled wines exported from Chile.

Wizardry of Oz

The next generation of icon wines in Australia

There has never been a more exciting time for Australian fine wine, with Grange and Hill of Grace having been joined by a slew of new icons that are showing the world the depth and breadth of the country’s top-end offering, writes Lucy Shaw

Chain of Command

Revealing Britain’s ten biggest wine retailers

Retailers are battling not just each other, but also a 2% fall in wine volume sales in the UK. Arabella Mileham looks at how the top 10 store chains are coping

August 2016

Indies Rock

Ten wine retailers steering a profitable course in post-brexit britain

Amid a fast-changing, Brexit-beshrouded retail environment, indie wine shops are having to work harder than ever to stand out from the competition.

Move Over, Malbec

Argentine winegrowers planting for the future

Malbec will always be the variety for which Argentina is best-known, but as winegrowers collectively seek to diversify and premiumise their offering, the country’s viticultural landscape looks destined to change…

Stopper the Press

Can the technology usher in a new era for cork?

Technological advances in the past two decades have brought us to the once unimaginable point of being able to eliminate TCA in corks. Is this a new dawn for the closure? Perhaps, but there’s a lot more research to be done…

July 2016


How a thriving cocktail culture is giving a new lease of life to Tequila

Slowly but surely Tequila is shedding its image as a binge-drinker’s best friend as a ‘Wahaca effect’ combined with a thriving cocktail culture persuade consumers that the Mexican spirit is one worth savouring.


Counting down the 10 biggest wine brands in the world

As analysis of wine consumption worldwide reveals the continued dominance of the US market – with young consumers in particular driving growth.


How manga brought fine wine to a new audience

It’s the perennial conundrum: how does one convey the complex appeal of wine to a younger generation?

June 2016


Forget France: It’s time for Italian fine wine to shine

The top wines of Italy have had a tendency to underachieve in markets like the UK as a result of a ‘default to France’ syndrome among consumers.


This year’s competition winners are revealed

The annual Drinks Business Awards this year proved a tremendous success.


Standing out from its volume-driven neighbour

Despite great efforts to distinguish itself from its volume-driven neighbour, Chianti Classico remains a misunderstood appellation.