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March 2019

200 Issues

To mark our 200th issue, we look back on ten key drinks trends since launching in 2002

Whisky Tourism

SCOTCH WHISKY tourism has just turned 50 with their first taste of single malt whisky

Japan Masterclass

Japan makes first-rate Chardonnay – wooded, unwooded, and delicious traditional method sparkling examples too, particularly from Grace

February 2019


With attitudes to drinking wine changing, the sector is serving up various formats


While the Super Tuscans rule, producers are innovating with whites and rosés


Winemakers are experimenting with lesserknown grapes, with exciting results

January 2019

Natural selection

Our Green Awards shine a light on the winemakers and drinks Companies that are pioneering sustainability

Exhibitions in 2019

The best wine and spirits shows to visit over the next 12 months


Once the supreme grape in the county, old vine Grenache is making a comeback

December 2018

Splashing out

Champagne and Spirits brands tap into luxury

Super Somms

Gerard Basset and Ronan Sayburn on inspiring the next generation

Power players

We chart the rising stars in this year’s Liv-ex top 100 list

November 2018

In the pink

Japan set for success with star grape Koshu

Peak Prosecco

Could Italy’s famous fizz be losing its sparkle?

Promised land

The French are flocking to Oregon to make pretty Pinot

October 2018

Brut strength

Why non-vintage Champagne is the lifeblood of the region

Leading lights

Low-alcohol beers tap into trend for healthier serves

Just for picks

France’s 2018 harvest could produce a sublime vintage

September 2018

Step change

Chile’s winemakers are putting quality before quantity

Fight club

Wine takes off in duty free

Budding ambitions

Can weed and wine mix?

August 2018

New heights

How Argentina’s Malbec producers are reaching their peak

Seal of approval

Does closure type affect how a wine is perceived?

Trend spotting

10 drinks trends making a splash in UK retail

July 2018

Max Appeal

Passion for Tequila heats up as big players move into the category

So far, low good

We meet the brands that are raising a glass to soft serves

Next of Gin

Pink and savoury flavours lead the latest innovations

June 2018

Shore thing

Producers move to the coast to make the most of undiscovered Italy

Big spenders

Are power players forcing out Piedmont’s family firms?

Hidden gems

French regions unveil their liquid treasures