Wines of Portugal Annual Tasting 2020

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Even if you think you know Portugal, this year’s Annual Tasting on Thursday 27th February offers you exciting insights into new styles of wine, up-and-coming young
producers, and lesser-known regions where quality is rising exponentially. Of course, you’ll still find your old favourites, and the regions you know well, but if you really want to delve into the new Portugal discover the wines on the four free-pour tables (Master of Blends, Organic Wines, Atlantic Influence, Whites to Excite) and take part in the masterclasses with Sarah Ahmed and Piotr Pietras MS.

Sarah is the primary international journalist specialising in Portugal and it’s such an opportunity for us and for our visitors that she is willing to share her knowledge at her masterclass Taking Portugal’s Pulse", says Sónia Vieira, Wines of Portugal Marketing Director.

We know that many of the world’s top sommeliers come to the UK to further their education and taste wines from every corner of the globe. Piotr Pietras MS won the
best young sommelier of the world in 2017, and he too came to London to gain knowledge and experience. In the process fell in love with Portuguese wines and how they continuously excite him. “I always thought most Portuguese wines were full-bodied and fruit-driven, but now I’m blown away with the lighter, refreshing, well-
balanced, versatile and totally delicious wines that pair so well with food”.

For the first time, the trade and press tasting will be followed by the Three Wine Men inviting consumers to Discover a World of Difference and meet the producers on the day. This new format is exciting and will bring new Portuguese wine lovers to the tasting at the end of the day.

The 2020 Programme for Portuguese Wines in the UK 2020 brings exciting changes in the UK for Wines of Portugal with a new dynamic new approach regarding the marketing plan for this market. “With the UK now being Portugal’s 3 rd most valuable market, it’s as important as ever that the UK programme helps producers, importers and their customers and this is what we will do in the market this year”, adds Sónia Vieira.

With a bursary programme to bring independent retailers to the Annual Tasting, a Sommelier event in June with three tastings taking place on the same day, a strong
social media presence specifically built for the UK market, and many more actions throughout the year, the brand Wines of Portugal wants to strengthen its position in this key market. It will start 2020 by gathering together Portuguese wine importers in London to present the programme and brainstorm with them.

Come and see for yourself how Portugal keeps on surprising the world of wine and how it is more exciting than ever Register here to join us on Thursday, 27 th February.

Details of Annual Tasting:

Timings of the event:
11am-5pm: Trade and press tasting
10.30am: Taking Portugal’s pulse by Sarah Ahmed (by registration only)
2pm: The refreshing modernity of Portuguese wines by Piotr Pietras MS (by registration only)
5.30-8.30pm: Consumer tasting with The Three Wine Men

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