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Which alcoholic drinks are kosher for Passover?

Passover comes with a certain set of dietary restrictions, but if you plan to drink with Jewish family and friends or attend a seder during the week of Passover (5 April – 13 April 2023), you may want to know what is allowed and what is not. Here, db with information via Bustle, helps identify the drinks you can enjoy and those to avoid.

If a drink is kosher, it will display an ‘OU’ or ‘OU-P’ symbol on the label. To keep it simple, as a rule, avoid any drinks made from wheat, barley, spelt, rye, or oats.

Wine is often part of the seder and it is tradition to drink it. But some Jewish people only drink kosher wine, which means they’re free of non-kosher ingredients and have been produced exclusively by Jewish workers. If a wine is kosher, it will likely say so on the label. To learn more about kosher wine, read here.

Regular Tequila is a recommended option for those keeping kosher, but don’t go for an aged Tequila because it calls into question its extended process and any time spent in casks that have been used for other things. Helpfully, certain well-known Tequila brands are kosher, such as Patron Silver.

Most vodka brands produced from 100% neutral grain spirits are considered kosher, while some imported selections require certification, so it is always worth checking the label. One tip though is to look for one that is potato-based instead of made from wheat and that should be a simple enough way of deducing that it is fine for the occasion.

Essentially. when it comes to drinks like hard seltzers, it really depends on the brand. For instance, the well known White Claw brand is not kosher-certified, while in the US, some brands available like Vizzy Hard Seltzer is kosher, and so is Coors Seltzer.

Any beer made with wheat, barley, spelt, rye, or oat is obviously not kosher, which really means the majority of the beer category. However, there are a few US breweries that you can buy their beers online that are suitable. Some examples include Boulevard Brewing Co. and Matt Brewing Co which have stated that they do make certified kosher beers.

Sadly, if you’re a dark spirits enthusiast, it can be tricky to find a kosher rum, Bourbon or a Scotch, Irish or Japanese whisky since most are not kosher. However, it is worth among a few blended American whiskey brands there are a few certified as kosher. For instance, Jack Daniel’s Black Label, Gentleman Jack, Old Number 27 and 37, and Single Barrel are all kosher.

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