The Wine Show pivots to digital consultancy

The commercial arm of TV programme The Wine Show has been renamed TWS creative to reflect the company’s services as a digital marketing consultancy.

Joe Fattorini, The Wine Show presenter and former London on-trade sales lead at Fields, Morris & Verdin, has been brought on as part of the TWS creative team full-time, alongside Charlotte Wilde, the co-founder of Sager & Wilde and co-presenter on the next series of The Wine Show when it airs this September.

“It’s a unique time with unique challenges for business”, Fattorini said.

“It’s never been more important to get close to customers. But that does need the right partner, knowledge and tools. We’ve brought all of this together at TWS Creative. We have experience from every part of the wine trade and we understand communications too.”

By renaming The Wine Show’s holding company, the team hope to emphasise its capacity to work on content creation for wine and drinks brands, as well as promotional bodies.

TWS’ creative executive, Melanie Jappy, said the company’s restructure and rebrand will give The Wine Show a “clearer direction and expanded strategy”.

“We’ve always had ambitions to be more than the makers of The Wine Show, and Covid-19 ironically, has given us the headspace and impetus to do it in more structured way.

“Bringing Joe Fattorini onto the team as creative director has been key to the change and I’m delighted he’s on board formally.”


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