11 hard seltzers you can buy in the UK

Mike’s Hard Seltzer

Flavours: Lime, Lemon and Black Cherry.

ABV: 5%

Calories per can: 100

Can size: 330ml

Price: £1.99

Known as Mike’s Hard Sparkling Water, the brand has changed its name to Mike’s Hard Seltzer for the UK market based on consumer feedback. It first entered Britain last October, and went on sale at Tesco and Morrisons stores nationwide on 25 May.

The brand is the brainchild of ZX Ventures, AB InBev’s global innovation group.

4 Responses to “11 hard seltzers you can buy in the UK”

  1. Taylor Harrison says:

    A big deciding factor on these cans for me are the size. 25 cl seems too small since this is competing with the like of beer. Mikes hard seltzer in the 33 cl makes it an auto winner for me. Is it possible to add the sizes of these cans to the article?

    • Edith Hancock says:

      Hi Taylor, that’s a very good point. Canned wines & RTDs tend to come in similar 25cl formats, but you’re right that hard seltzers are targeting would-be lager drinkers. I’ve added the sizes now.


  2. Frankie S says:

    Thanks for the summary and adding can sizes! I’ve tried a few of them now (also a new one that launched called Fountain hard seltzer which is not on your list. It’s from New Yow and apparently their cans are a bit bigger than ours). Anyway, it’s amazing how different they all are – some have wines added, some vodka or gin and some made in the same way as beer. Definitely an interesting space as i quite like having an alternative to beer!

  3. Courtney Crook says:

    I second Fountain hard seltzers – beer size cans and tasty!

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