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Eight outstanding Proseccos for under £20

Following 2020’s biggest blind tasting of Prosecco in the UK, we bring you eight top performers under £20 – representing some of the greatest expressions of this Italian fizz on the market today.

The hilside vineyards of Conegliano Valdobbiadene where Prosecco is ‘Superiore’

These 10 sparkling wines represent some of the best samples money can buy in the expanding category of Prosecco, and mark an extension of our previous selection, which saw us pick out the top Proseccos for under £15.

While Prosecco priced between £15 and £20 may seem quite expensive for a sparkling wine that can be easily purchased for under £10, it should be remembered that there is a wide variation in quality levels within the Prosecco category – and by paying only a little bit more, one can secure a large leap forward in fruit intensity and fizz finesse.

Furthermore, even at £20, one should bear in the mind that these outstanding expressions are still cheaper than even the most basic of Champagnes.

So, next time you want to treat yourself by spending a bit more on a bottle of fizz, don’t feel that you need to abandon the Prosecco category – if you already like the style, then you can stick with it, but try some better with the expressions, such as those below, all of which have been independently assessed.

Notably, these eight Proseccos take in a wide range of styles, from the bone dry to the richly sweet, from the DOC to the top DOCG classification called Rive, which is only used for Prosecco vineyards of exceptional quality.

So, please read the tasting note carefully, and take a look at the sugar level too, so you can pick out a Prosecco in the style you’d be happiest sipping.

Read on not only for our eight top tips, but also to find out more about the Prosecco Masters – which is the biggest blind tasting of this popular Italian fizz in the UK so far this year – as well as our ‘ultimate Proseccos’, along with our choices at the cheaper end of the Prosecco price spectrum.

As for the full results from 2020’s Prosecco Masters, they feature in the June edition of the drinks business, which you can order by clicking here or emailing

8. Ponte, Prosecco Spumante DOC, Extra Dry, Biologico, NV

Residual sugar: Extra Dry – 16g/l
Price: £15-20
Medal: Gold

If you want to drink Prosecco that you can be assured has been made with no synthetic chemical inputs, then this organically-certified sparkling from Ponte is a brilliant option. Loaded with peach and pear fruit, a creamy-textured fizz, and a touch of matchstick, this has some similarities to a fine but fizzy Chardonnay.

7. Bottega Gold, Prosecco Spumante DOC, Brut, 2019

Residual sugar: Brut – 11g/l
Price: £15-20
Medal: Gold

Housed in a gold-coloured bottle, no Prosecco does bling better than Bottega. But don’t think that it’s all style over substance, as this fizz has repeatedly proven to be a gold-quality product too, with plenty of peachy fruit, a lovely orange zest lift, and a persistent, dry finish. It’s a fruity but not too sweet style of Prosecco with masses of freshness.

6. Masottina, Conegliano Valdobbiadene DOCG, Brut, NV

Residual sugar: Brut – 10g/l
Price: £15-20
Medal: Gold

This Prosecco Superiore DOCG has a particularly pleasing balance between ripe peach fruit and crisp sliced apple flavours on the finish, making it zesty and refreshing, but rich and generous too.

5. Conca d’Oro, Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG, Extra Dry, 2019

Residual sugar: Extra Dry – 18g/l
Price: £15-20
Medal: Gold

A slightly sweeter style of Prosecco with the smooth, fresh character of peach and pear sorbet with a squeeze of lime – delicious.

4. Villa Sandi, Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG, Rive di San Pietro di Barbozza, Dry, 2018

Residual sugar: Dry – 21g/l
Price: £15-20
Medal: Gold

If you are in the mood for something indulgent, with the mouth-filling richness that comes from something a little sweet, then Villa Sandi’s ‘dry’ Rive di San Pietro di Barbozza is a brilliant place to go. As with many of the very best Proseccos, there is quite a high level of sugar in the fizz, but, because of the aromatic, fresh orchard fruit flavours, the drink still refreshes. This Villa Sandi fizz treads that balance with particular finesse.

3. Sacchetto Presa N° 3,  Prosecco Asolo, Brut, 2019

Residual sugar: Brut – 10g/l
Price: £15-20
Medal: Gold

While a dry style of fizz by Prosecco standards, this Brut from the Asolo area of production is packed with ripe peach fruit flavours, smooth bubbles, white flowers and bright, fresh, lingering apple and pear characters. A fine Prosecco. 

2. Giusti Wine, Asolo Prosecco Superiore DOCG, Extra Brut, NV

Residual sugar: Extra Brut – 3.5g/l
Price: £15-20
Medal: Gold

If you’re in the mood for extremely dry Prosecco, then look to the DOCG of Asolo, which naturally produces a riper style of fizz that’s well suited to low levels of sugar. And, among the producers in this small DOCG, Giusti is a benchmark for quality, proven by this almost bone-dry Prosecco with plenty of white flowers, pristine apple and peach fruit, and, despite the lack of sugar, no feeling of firmness.

1. Masottina Le Rive Di Ogliano, Conegliano Valdobbiadene DOCG Prosecco Superiore, Extra Dry, 2018

Residual sugar: Dry – 15g/l
Price: £15-20
Medal: Gold

Hailing from one of Prosecco’s few Rive classified vineyard sites, this Prosecco has layers of flavour from citrus zest to ripe pear, white flowers and green apple, and a mouth-filling creamy-textured fizz. A wonderful example of the personality you can find in fine Prosecco.

More Prosecco recommendations …

While the eight Proseccos above represent the best samples from this year’s Prosecco Masters in the £15-20 price category, we have previously highlighted those that were the most impressive in the £10-15 price band, and a further selection of those under £10.

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As for the tasting that led to their selection, The Prosecco Masters, now in its seventh year, is a competition exclusively for the Italian sparkling wine, run by the drinks business. This year’s event saw more than 100 entries judged blind, with the best wines were awarded medals that ranged from Bronze through to Gold, as well as Master, the ultimate accolade, given only to exceptional wines in the tasting.

Those wishing to enter future competitions can enter online here or by emailing

Meanwhile, please click here to read more about the competition.

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