David Beckhams’ Haig Club now available in cans

Keen to introduce whisky to a wider audience, Haig Club, the single grain Scotch brand co-founded by David Beckham, has launched a range of pre-mixed cans.

Hoping to make a splash this summer, the RTDs come in two flavours: Haig Club Clubman with Root Ginger Ale & Lime and Haig Club Clubman with Crafted Cola.

According to the brand, the sweetness of the cola complements the whisky’s “smooth toffee, butterscotch and vanilla notes”, while the classic combination of ginger ale and lime gives drinkers a “zesty citrus” hit.

“We always like to push boundaries and try new things, and it is exciting that we are continuing to innovate with Haig Club.

“These pre-mixed drinks are convenient and taste great, and are arriving in stores just in time for summer. I love the new cans and I can’t wait to see what people think,” Beckham said.

The cans share the same striking electric blue packaging at the whisky’s distinctive square glass bottles that take design cues from the world of fragrance.

Perfect for socially distanced picnics and barbecues, the mixed drinks can be enjoyed chilled straight from the can, or over ice with a slice of lime. The duo have gone on sale at Tesco priced at £2 per 33cl can.

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