What’s on this weekend

In retail therapy, Herefordshire-based vodka distillery Chase has teamed up with The Drinks Trust to release a limited edition run of embroidered Chase caps.

James Chase, brand ambassador, shows off the distillery’s new stash in a classic (Navy) Blue Steel pose

All proceeds from their sale go straight to the charity, which is supporting those who have been left out of work due to the widespread closure of hospitality businesses across the UK.

“We are so proud to support such a noble charity, hospitality employs around 10% of the UK’s workforce and their support will help those involved to fight through this and come out the other side stronger” James Chase, brand ambassador at Chase, said.

Let’s face it, you’re gonna spend a lot more time in parks this summer than you have in a while, so buy one of these and keep your forehead from getting singed by the sun.

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