US lockdown alcohol sales: the latest trends


Finally, online sales of alcohol in the US have risen almost five-fold this month compared to the same period last year, as consumers who frequently drank in bars and restaurants embrace e-commerce during the coronavirus lockdown, according to Nielsen.

As previously reported by db, drinkers who were regular consumers in the on-trade have driven a surge in online alcohol sales since the lockdowns began in mid-March.

Looking at total alcohol sales from the beginning of March until April 18, Nielsen recorded that e-commerce retail sales have than doubled versus one year ago (+234%), and have increased almost five-fold in just the latest two weeks of that time period.

In terms of categories, the greatest rate of growth in online sales has been seen in spirits, although wine continues to have by far the largest share of e-commerce, commanding almost 70% of internet alcohol retail sales, according to Nielsen.

The data analyst also recorded a three-fold increase in the number of buyers using the web to stock up on alcohol during  the two-week period until April 18, compared to a two-week pre-Covid period.

Nielsen also noted that the dollar value of each online order has increased significantly, commensurate with an increase in the number of units per order. 

Considering this trend, Danelle Kosmal, vice president of beverage alcohol at Nielsen, suggested that the growth in web-based drinks sales was being driven by consumers who visited bars and restaurants regularly, but were now of course unable to due to the coronavirus lockdown measures, which has seen the on-trade shuttered for the time being.

He said that it was vital that companies harness the spend of these consumers. “Understanding how the frequent on-premise drinker is purchasing alcohol in off-premise channels now will be increasingly more important, particularly as suppliers, restaurants, and breweries lean on creative ways to engage this consumer group,” he commented.

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For more information visit the Nielsen Covid-19 site by clicking here.

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  1. Neil says:

    If the alcohol industry is doing that well how our business is 90% down Crown Liquors

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