Tovaritch vodka gets listing in Corte Ingles

Tovaritch vodka has just gained a widespread retail presence across Spain with a permanent listing in the Corte Ingles chain.

Tovaritch has designed face shields for its employees and business partners to safeguard against spreading Covid-19

Announced this week, the vodka, which is bottled in Russia by Geneva-based Tovartich Spirits International, will benefit from an association with Spain’s prestigious department store group, which is the biggest in Europe.

Speaking about the listing, Eugenio Litta, who is CEO at Tovartich Spirits International, described the development as an “honour” as well as “recognition” for the vodka’s “superior quality”.

He said, “New listings are rare in this difficult period. We are honoured to have our brand permanently listed at the price level accessible to all at Corte Ingles, a unique recognition to our superior quality!

Continuing, he expressed his gratitude, saying, “I thank our local partner Enrique from Mateo wines and his team for their collaboration!”

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