The 15 richest Brits in drinks

8. Vivian Imerman

Position 2019: 340=

Position 2017: 339

Worth: £390 million

Rise/fall: No change

Sources: Food, Spirits

South Africa-born Imerman is the former owner of Whyte & Mackay, the Scottish spirits business famous for the Scotch brand of the same name.

Along with his former brother-in-law Robert Tchenguiz, he sold the business to Diageo subsidiary United Spirits in 2007 for £595 million, for which he received £396 million thanks to his 60% stake in the company.

He was also responsible for the turnaround of tinned fruit giant Del Monte, serving as chief executive from 1989 to 2001, and making £380m from his stake in the company. Since then he has further feathered his fortune through his investment group Vasari and property sales.

Vasari has holdings in food and drink businesses across Europe, Asia and Africa, such as Ethiopian beer brand Dashen and South African wine and spirits business KWV.

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