How to host your own online wine tasting

It’s not an easy time right now, for anyone, and while the coronavirus pandemic may be dominating every aspect of our lives, it needn’t get in the way of enjoying a sociable glass of wine with friends and family.

Times are tough. But we have been thinking about ways to raise your spirits, and so have devised the drinks business at home (and online) wine tasting kit.

The kit can be used together, in more normal times, but also online, making it particularly useful during this abnormal period to keep connected with friends, and wine, during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

This is merely a guide to hosting your own wine tasting party, and we hope you will get some fun out of gathering your friends online with a glass or two and some nibbles, while keeping your wine mind sharp and your trivia game strong.

Follow our simple steps to get the most out of an online wine tasting over the following pages, using our tasting mat and sheet as a guide.

If you decide to host a tasting, please let us know! Tag us with #dbwinetasting on Instagram @thedrinksbusiness, Twitter @teamdb or Facebook.

Click through for our guide to hosting your own (online) wine tasting…

You can download the drinks business wine tasting kit here:

DB wine tasting mat

DB wine tasting sheet

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