10 breweries and distilleries around the world making hand sanitiser

Taiwan Tobacco & Liquor Corporation (TTL)

In Taiwan, the Tobacco & Liquor Corporation (TTL), the country’s largest manufacturer and distributor of cigarettes and alcohol in, has said it will temporarily halt the production line at the Yilan Distillery and start to manufacture rubbing alcohol instead to help counter Covid-19.

Longtian distillery in Tainan was TTL’s first distillery to help in producing rubbing alcohol. However, with high demand persisting, it has also been decided to use the Yilan Distillery as well.

At the beginning of February, the distillery began producing rubbing alcohol in small batches. It was reported that each batch, comprising 1,080 bottles, sold out in an hour.

The estimated production for each day is 42,000 bottles. TTL will centralise the products for state distribution.

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