Man sells Macallan whisky for £2,700 after buying it for just £11

An amateur collector who bought a bottle of Scotch for £11 has sold it on at auction for £2,700.

Michael Amphlett from Cholsey, Oxfordshire, bought a bottle of 1937 Macallan Single Malt Scotch Whisky in the late 1970s as a present for his father.

The age statement was a sentimental touch; as 1937 was the year his father moved Didcot as a 19-year-old glove maker, to work in a new factory in the area.

The whisky cost roughly a third of Amphlett’s weekly wages in the 70s, so was saved for a special occasion before eventually being forgotten. Michael’s father passed away in 1991.

Since then, Amphlett uncovered the bottle again but, not having the heart to drink it without his dad, put it up for auction online instead at the start of 2020, despite being a self-confessed “novice when it came to whisky auctions.”

It beat the reserve he placed on it at, achieving a £2,700 hammer price.

The amateur collector said: “Since the loss of my father I haven’t had the inclination to open the bottle as it just didn’t feel right to drink it without him. I wanted to offer if for sale simply so someone else could enjoy it as much as I’m sure he would have done.

“I’m a complete novice when it comes to whisky auctions, and the fact that I’ve just made a lot of money from a bottle which I remember paying around £11 for 42 years ago is pure luck – but shows what stashing a bottle for a few years can do! Dad would’ve smiled at the price, and we have too. We’re off to south Goa!”

28 Responses to “Man sells Macallan whisky for £2,700 after buying it for just £11”

  1. D. Bhatt says:

    42 years back 11 pound is either equivalent or may be more than 2700 pound now.

  2. L.halliday says:

    He made quite a good profit, 42 years ago 11 pound would be about a quarter of a weeks wages,
    Today a quarter of an average weeks wages would be about 200 or 250 pound.
    So pretty good profit.

  3. J Bret says:

    D.Bhatt, You didn’t take the time to even run the numbers before you spouted off BS, did you? 11BP is same as 63BP today. Moron!

  4. Whiskey Nath says:

    CLICK BAIT….. Thank you for wasting of my time. I wondered where they’d got Macallan for £11.
    Attune start the article with “old bottle of whiskey worth more now”…… CLICK BAIT

  5. carl gizzi says:

    Read the story! It was a 1/3 of the guys weekly wage when he bought it.
    £2700 is not a 1/3 of almost anyone’s wage today, that would be £7100 a week or around £350,000 a year!

  6. Budgie says:

    £11 was a third of his weekly wage, so for that to be equivalent of £2,700 he’d have been on the equivalent of £420,000 per year and if that was his equivalent wage back then, I doubt he’d be worrying about £2,700 these days.

  7. Farque says:

    According to an inflation calculator it is more like 146 pounds. So a little shy of 2700…

  8. Vegan says:

    A gimmick for Edrington to sell more industrial swill.

  9. S. Hayes says:

    Not quite. The BOE has an inflation calculator available in their website, and it will show you that £11 in 1970 was worth £171 in 2019. So, this bottle of whiskey does indeed represent a solid investment.

  10. Inder Parkash says:


  11. Mike Hock says:

    Actually, no one cares

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