The 10 best non-alcoholic and low alcohol beers in 2020

Mikkeller Weird Weather IPA (0.3%)

A low-alcohol IPA might seem a bit of an oxymoron, what with the original IPAs requiring a 6% ABV to survive long journeys, but Mikkeller’s offering certainly sates your cravings for hops.

First released in 2017 and brewed in Belgium, this is a booze-free take on hazy, New England IPAs, which sits alongside its range of more five other low-alcohol beers. I have served this to friends who claimed they wouldn’t have known it has only 0.3% ABV. It’s not as juicy and smooth as some exaggerated NEIPAs, but Weird Weather does retain the hallmark tropical flavours without the alcohol, making it a decent and refreshing alternative for fans of the style.

How much: £15.75 for a case of 6, from DryDrinker


4 Responses to “The 10 best non-alcoholic and low alcohol beers in 2020”

  1. Jason Clarke says:

    Our industry needs more clarity and consistency as to what qualifies at ‘alcohol free’ as opposed to ‘no alcohol’ and ‘low alcohol’. Several of these beers are branded as ‘alcohol free’ yet have 0.5%ABV which is 10 times higher than the 0.05% ABV that Drinkaware regards as ‘alcohol free’. From a physiological perspective, the body won’t detect any noticeable ‘alcohol’ effect with either but they are dramatically different in their ABV content.

    What about ‘low alcohol’? The ASA demands a limit of 1.2% ABV to be deemed ‘low’ but most drinkers used to a 4-5.5% beer would regard 1.2% in the same vein at ‘no alcohol’. ‘Low’ and indeed ‘lower’ alcohol needs a much broader bandwidth of ABV to attract the average beer fan to drink more healthily.

  2. Jon Storey says:

    After running the Berlin marathon, Erdinger Alcoholfrei was available for free for all the runners. It was disgusting. I threw most of it down a drain and found a local cafe to have a proper beer. I’m sorry but it just didn’t taste like beer.

  3. dan says:

    Sorry but the Punk AF from Brewdog is the WORST non-alcoholic beer ever made in my opinion!!

    • Disagree, it’s actually very well brewed and is a credit to BrewDog, compliments Punk IPA well when alcohol is out of the question. Da, what would you recommend?
      Störtbecker is a great pilsner, Nanny State is good, and also Brooklyn Brewery has a few good flavours.

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