Beavertown Brewery and Spurs team up on beer

London-based brewer Beavertown and Premier League football club Tottenham Hotspur have launched a beer, which will be sold exclusively at the team’s stadium, having been brewed in the on-site microbrewery.

The beer, called One Of Our Own, is set to be unveiled tomorrow in time for Spurs’ first home game of the year against Liverpool, who are currently top of the Premier League table.

Based on a classic British IPA, the 4.9% ABV brew has been made with only European hops, including Callista, Mandarina Bavaria and Barbe Rouge.

Spurs and Beavertown said the beer has been brewed to reflect the preferences of supporters, who have been purchasing Beavertown products at the stadium since it opened in April 2019.

Beavertown announced its partnership with Spurs back in May 2018. It revealed that it would install a microbrewery and taproom in the stadium, said to be a Premier League first.

The statement at the time also noted that the microbrewery would produce Beavertown’s flagship beer, Neck Oil, as well as other core beers in its range, plus a collaborative Spurs beer.

The new beer will be available in the Beavertown Tottenham taproom in the south stand of the stadium, as well as at bars located throughout the facility.

Beavertown first moved to Tottenham in 2014, having started out seven years ago using a 650-litre kit in a BBQ join in Haggerston.

The partnership with Spurs sparked rumours of a deal between Beavertown and Heineken, the latter being the official beer partner of Spurs.

Sure enough, in June 2018, the north London brewer sold a minority stake of its business to Heineken for £40 million, in part to fund the development of its major new brewery.

Beaverworld, the name of the new brewery, is scheduled to open in March 2020, increasing Beavertown’s production capacity from 9 million pints per year to 90 million.

To satisfy demand in the meantime, Beavertown has been making two of its flagship beers at a family-owned brewery in Belgium. 

Beaverworld was previously scheduled to open in the summer of 2019.

Commenting on the new beer, marketing director of Beavertown, Tom Rainsford: “Beavertown’s Neck Oil is already a half-time favourite, and we wanted to add to this by offering something new at the start of 2020. Supporting a club is in your bones and this beer feels the same. It’s familiar, yet distinct. A satisfying pint that makes you feel at home.

“We see Spurs as the beating heart of the Tottenham community, a central hub for football fans and residents alike. We both share values of bringing people together, creating revolutionary experiences and even world firsts like our microbrewery inside the stadium.”

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