The week in pictures

In presents, Hendrick’s Gin has collaborated with Oscar winning graphic designer for film, Annie Atkins, to create a limited-edition gift for the festive period.

Atkins – best known for her collaborations with Wes Anderson on The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) – has stayed true to Hendrick’s “curious” brand identity we’ve seen in recent PR stunts, and created a Zoetrope, an early form of animation technology that seems to bring still images to life when observed through the vertical slots of a cyclical drum.

The word zoetrope descends from the Ancient Greek meaning ‘wheel of life’ and was a popular Victorian Parlour toy designed to entertain and amuse.

When the recipients open their delivery, they’ll not only find a bottle of Hendrick’s finest gin, but also the zoetrope beneath, complete with hand-crafted animations from Atkins herself..

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