The Drinks Business Green Awards 2019 winners

Logistics and Supply Chain Green Initiative of the Year – Accolade Wines

The judges were unanimous in their choice of Accolade as this year’s winner of the Logistics and Supply Chain Initiative category. With transport being the UK’s largest contribution to CO2 emissions (26%), and with a shortage of over 150,000 truck drivers predicted for 2020, Accolade has worked around these problems by focusing on more efficient ways of moving goods around the country.

Starting in late 2018, Accolade teamed up with Tesco and WEPA to combine deliveries and maximise lorry capacities and ensure they do not drive around empty. Although a complex and time-consuming task that required Accolade and WEPA to immerse themselves in the operations of the other, upgrading Tesco’s systems and even making infrastructure changes at Accolade Park, since its implementation in March 2019, the programme has reduced the number of trucks on the road by 208, with an annual saving of 53 tonnes of CO2 and cost saving of £80,000.

The plan now is to take 780 trucks off the road, saving 200 tonnes of CO2 and £300,000 a year. As the judges said, this is, “innovative, tackling complex supply chain issues through collaboration and with a solution that is scalable.”



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  1. Soledad says:

    HII! Iwould like to know , how to apply for the green awards since we are the top organic producer in Argentina.
    We are Santa Julia Winery.

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