Fine wine labels to watch in 2020


2019 spot: 7
2018 spot: 29

An easy one really as Sassicaia was the aforementioned lone Italian in this year’s top 10. The Super Tuscan took a big leap from 29th place in 2018 to 7th in this year’s Power 100.

Sassicaia is very much a ‘brand’. It is well known, has wide appeal, good distribution (through La Place de Bordeaux of which it was a reasonably early adopter), strong critical reviews and a reasonable entry price which gives it room to appreciate.

Italy as a whole is on the move at the moment, led by the Super Tuscans but with some stirrings in Barolo.

Sassicaia though is well to the fore as the pre-eminent Italian fine wine label and as long as quality remains consistent and release prices don’t get out of control, it’s hard to see ‘Sass’ lose its current swag.

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    Shop local, support your local independent retailer. @abiraus

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