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In celebrity drinks launches, we headed to the Trading House in the Square Mile on Tuesday night to toast the launch of a new low ABV label, The Clean Liquor Co, which is headed up by none other than former Made in Chelsea star Spencer Matthews.

Spencer Matthews attending his launch of The Clean Liquor Company.

It was a star-studded event attended by Matthews’ nearest and dearest including Vogue Williams, sister in-law Pippa Matthews (ne Middleton), and close friends and former Made in Chelsea co-stars Hugo Taylor and Jamie Laing.

Matthews, currently co-starring with his wife in E4’s new series Spencer, Vogue and Baby too, began his TV career on Made in Chelsea.

Now, he is the CEO and public face of Clean Liquor Co, a new brand of distilled ‘spirits’ bottled at 1.2% ABV. The first drink in the range is called CleanGin.

We caught up with Matthews this week to find out more about his plans for Clean™ world domination.

“The ideal for me is that you should be able to go into a bar, and order any kind of drink you want, whether that’s a G&T or a rum and coke, and be able to get a Clean™ version of that,” he said.

Matthews told us he’s already got plans for darker styles that mimic whisk(e)y and rum. He and chairman Justin Hicklin have been working on the project since March, and the former MIC star said his patience was tested a lot as more and more low ABV and alc-free spirit products came on to the market.

“The thing that kept me sane was that I wasn’t really blown away by anything on the market, to be honest.”

Tough talk, indeed.

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