Piedmont in pictures

It took a while for Buc to sniff anything out but after a while he started circling a small patch of land and began digging furiously. Carlo took over and started uprooting the soil. He knew he was on to something when he sniffed the earth and it had the unmistakable musty aroma of white truffle. White truffles tend to grow near one of four trees: oak, willow, linden and poplars.

The calcium carbonate-rich soils in Alba have helped the region to become the most revered place in the world for white truffles, which can sell for as much as €250 per 100g. They have to be eaten quickly though, as they soon start shrinking and losing their freshness. After a few minutes of digging Carlo unearthed this nugget of white gold as Buc looked on longingly.

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