7 consumer drinks trends to watch in 2020

3. Flavour over ABV

Low and no-alcohol has been one of the biggest talking points in the beverage industry of the past two years. So much so, one of the top-read stories on our website of all time is now a list of non-alcoholic beers to try in 2019, published in January.

The report claims that consumers care more about big flavours than ABVs. Non-alcoholic ‘spirit’ brand Seedlip recently launched a bottled, booze-free Negroni – the ‘Nogroni’ – to coincide with the cocktail’s 100th anniversary year.

Waitrose’s report claims that drinkers now think more about “whether they want to sip on something bitter, sweet, long or cold, rather than whether it’s alcohol based.

“This trend is partly due to prioritising health, but also thanks to non-alcoholic mixers such as Fever-Tree, Coca-Cola and Double Dutch innovating heavily and moving upmarket.”

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