Top drinks industry marketing campaigns and news: September-October

Brewdog’s spirits company builds secret gin bar in Scotland

Brewdog Distilling Co, the spirits arm of craft beer giant Brewdog, led consumers to a secret bar in a remote part of Scotland last month by giving away clues to its location on its social media channels.

The Lonewolf gin bar was set up in a “remote Scottish location,” according to the brand, between the 19 and 20 September, created in partnership with the private Portnellan Estate.

Daily clues as to the bars whereabouts were revealed on Lonewolf’s Instagram and Twitter feeds, using the hashtag #wheresthewolf.

In addition, the first five people to find the bar were offered a year’s supply of Lonewolf gin.

The scavenger hunt is similar to a stunt AB InBev-owned Busch Lager pulled in july. Busch opened a pop-up store in the middle of a national forest in the US, offering hikers who successfully tracked down the activation the chance to win a lifetime supply of beer.

David Gates, the MD of the LoneWolf brand, said Brewdog Distilling Co’s marketing team “wanted to take the idea of a pop up and turn it on its head, using it as an opportunity to take visitors on a journey of discovery, through piecing the clues together, and the event we will be hosting at the other end.”

He added that the bar itself is “rooted in the nature that has so inspired LoneWolf, giving us the unique opportunity to combine our inspiration with our product.

“We’re looking forward to taking everyone who finds us on the journey from grain to glass.”

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