5 cocktail trends to watch in 2020

Global takeovers

Bar takeovers are more popular than ever before, at least if London Cocktail Week is anything to go by, and the latest market report shows this is a trend that is here to stay.

The newly-opened Lyaness hosts a monthly take over, sending bartenders all around the world to solidify their status as leaders in the premium on-trade.

In Helsinki, Goldfish invites bars from all around the world and then hosts them, before heading back to reciprocate.

This year’s London Cocktail Week event saw hundreds of bartenders hit the capital for swaps and takeovers throughout the first week of October.

Takeovers allow bars themselves to swap recipes, methods and ideas, as well as plugging each other to interested consumers and establishing themselves as a brand.

They also give bars a reason to be active on social media, posting updates about the aforementioned takeovers and tagging the respective bars and bartenders in them. Simple moves like these allow bars and bartenders to build their own brands and be seen as authorities in their field of work.

Global takeovers, the report said, also help bars to gain international exposure.

“Designed with the aim of bringing maximum global exposure to the bar and bar team, guests can experience a little taste of what it would be like to visit one of these much talked about venues in their very own city.”

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