Everything you need to know about Koshu from Japan

Koshu currently available to buy from wholesalers in the UK

The wines of Chateau Mercian are now imported to the UK by Boutinot

  • Château Mercian, Fuefuki Koshu Gris de Gris, 2018
  • Château Mercian, Yamanashi Koshu, 2018
  • Grace, Koshu Private Reserve, 2018
  • Haramo, Koshu, 2017
  • Katsunuma, Aruga Branca Issehara, 2017
  • Katsunuma, Aruga Branca Pipa, 2016
  • Kurambon, Natural Koshu, 2018
  • Kurambon, Sol Lucet Koshu, 2018
  • Lumière, Prestige Class Orange, 2018
  • Lumière, Sparkling Koshu, 2017
  • SoRyu, Curious Type N Koshu, 2018

One Response to “Everything you need to know about Koshu from Japan”

  1. Max Palmer says:

    Hello DB,
    Just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful Koshu tasting on Monday.

    I would very much like to know who we can buy from,I need to convince some colleagues that it is a sure fire winner and we are outside London !!!! how daring.

    So any information would be much appreciated.

    Thanks again for an exceptional tasting.

    Best regards,


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