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Non-detectable TCA guarantee extended to sparkling wine stoppers

The world’s largest cork producer, Amorim has extended its non-detectable TCA guarantee to sparkling wine stoppers.

Amorim has launched NDtech Sparkling after three years of R&D

Called NDtech Sparkling, the launch follows the unveiling of the NDtech natural cork stopper in 2016 – a pioneering screening system for natural cork, which tests each stopper for TCA, and, as a result, offers customers a “non-detectable TCA guarantee”.

NDtech Sparkling uses the same technique as the original NDtech process launched three years ago, which has supplied a guarantee of non-detectable TCA for whole natural still wine corks, sold to thousands of wineries on all continents.

While the scanning and assessment technologies are similar to those for still wine stoppers, NDtech Sparkling has taken several years to hone because the engineering had to account for two important issues: only the natural cork discs, which come into contact with the wine, need to be analysed, rather than the entire agglomerated shank; and the machines have to take into consideration the three typical diameters used in the sparkling wine industry: 48mm x 29.5mm, x 30.5mm and x 31mm.

Commenting on the launch of this important development from the world’s largest cork producer, Amorim’s head of marketing and communications, Carlos de Jesus said, ‘‘Launching the tried and tested NDtech scanning systems for sparkling wine stoppers featuring the two-disc, high-end design is great news for producers worldwide.”

Continuing, he said, “It is a process rich in technological precision that further enhances the world’s best sparkling wine stopper – the only stopper incorporating two discs of natural whole cork.”

Concluding, he said, “Simply put, no other supplier in the world is capable of delivering this.”

Almost exactly one year ago, in an exclusive interview with the drinks business, head of the cork company, Antonio Amorim, said that Amorim will have achieved the total eradication of TCA across the billions of corks it produces by 2020.

“We will have a non-detectible TCA guarantee for everything, it’s in our company strategy for 2020; we are working as fast as ever,” he stated.

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