Where Winemakers Dine: Allegra Antinori

Allegra Antinori, co-owner and vice president of Marchesi Antinori in Italy, reveals her favourite place for red Burgundy by the glass and why she believes “the British are some of the most sophisticated people when it comes to wine”.

1. What is your favourite restaurant in London?

Macellaio in South Kensington – a fantastic place for meat, plus I like the concept and the atmosphere very much.

2. Where is your favourite wine offering in London and what would be your go-to first glass of wine when you get there?

Hedonism has an incredible selection on the shelves but, by the glass, the choice would be a red Burgundy at 67 Pall Mall.

3. How does London compare with other big metropolitan cities of the world for the quality of its wine offering?

It’s very open minded to all types of food and cuisine and, without a doubt, the British are some of the most sophisticated people when it comes to wine.

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