Pages: The doors are open for dialogue with Corpinnat

Javier Pages, president of the Cava Consejo Regulador, wants splinter group Corpinnat to rejoin the DO and insists that “the doors are open for dialogue”.

Javier Pages, president of the Cava Consejo, wants members of Corpinnat to rejoin the Cava DO

“We regret that these historic houses left the DO in January 2019. Their dissatisfaction was based on issues that have been on the table for a long time: zoning/origin, quality and a lack of clear segmentation according to regulatory requirements.

“However, the region’s wineries and grape growers that make up the DO are in agreement about the need to face these challenges and reform.

“Cava is stronger if we all row together in the same direction. The doors are open for dialogue,” Pages said.

According to Pages, the DO is working on a strategic plan that will address the concerns of Corpinnat’s members, though specific details have not been released at this point.

“The strategic plan is designed to respond to these challenges,” Pages said.

“We believe that once the zoning and segmentation debate is resolved, there is no real reason for any producer to stay outside of the DO.

One of the key points of contention related to the DO’s initiative to create a superior tier of Cava – Paraje de Calificado – in 2017.

“The initiative pleased us in the beginning, but Paraje de Calificado was ultimately analogous to building a house, but starting with the roof,” said Ricard Zamora Isanda, Sabaté i Coca’s export manager.

“We believed that the Cava de Paraje Calificado rules needed to be applied to companies, not to single labels, and this is why Corpinnat was born,” he added.

However, Pages insists that the DO is committed to promoting Cava de Paraje as a top tier of Cava. “It is considered one of the most quality-orientated and unique sparkling wines worldwide, and has been recognised by experts in sparkling wines.

“Our global objective is to educate and publicise the richness and complexity that Cava has. The region’s problem has never been a cheap image, but our failure to promote the diversity inherent to this wonderful category,” Pages said.

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