Conor McGregor’s Proper No. Twelve whiskey under scrutiny from IWA

Conor McGregor’s whiskey label, Proper No. Twelve, has come under scrutiny from Irish whiskey authorities due to the implications of its name.

It is understood that the Irish Whiskey Association (IWA) is looking into whether the name Proper No. Twelve leaves consumers with the impression that the spirit has been aged for 12 years, and is therefore misleading.

The association has been reviewing the case for some time, reports the Independent.

A spokesperson for the IWA told db it does not publicly comment on “any questions in relation to possible complaints or referrals.”

“We do work to ensure Irish whiskey brands are in compliance with the laws governing Irish whiskey and in particular, with the recently published FSAI labelling guidelines.”

“We assess and evaluate each individual query or complaint confidentially, impartially and objectively; and we take the necessary steps to address any infringing brands.

Proper No. Twelve Irish Whiskey, produced by Eire Born, is made by former Bushmills distiller David Elderman. McGregor is the majority shareholder, CEO and chairman of the brand, and spent the last four months of 2018 touring the US to promote his label.

Proximo, which also works with Bushmills, Kraken rum and Boodles gin, was named McGregor’s distribution partner on its initial release, with a recommended retail price of around €35 (£30) in Ireland, and up to $29.99 in the USA.

McGregor initially tried to launch it under the name “Notorious” in 2016, but withdrew his original trademark application in September 2018, after facing opposition from the founder of Carlow Brewing Company.

Seamus O’Hara, founder of the County Carlow-based brewer, has owned the rights to a European trademark of the same name since 2016. McGregor was ordered to pay €600 (US$697) to O‘Hara for representation costs and opposition fee, but the athlete was able to relaunch the whiskey under its current name last year.

11 Responses to “Conor McGregor’s Proper No. Twelve whiskey under scrutiny from IWA”

  1. Mike says:

    Tried proper 12 tbh thought it was tasteless and a letdown to Irish whiskey.
    There was no body and absolutley no aftertaste.
    Perhaps these guys should try a proper whisky such as Laphroig or Talisker.

    • Sean says:

      It’s always best to know what you’re actually talking about before posting on a public forum or at least research the facts.

  2. James McIntyre says:

    The issue is that it’s all marketing now, fancy names, packaging and labels or even in this case the main CEO is a celebrity pushing the brand that has no effect on the intrinsic quality of the whisky. You see a lot of this from Glenmorangie that is now owned by Louis Vuitton, moet and hennessy where they release non age statement in fancy packaging and charge outrageous prices that should be only in the 30-40 pounds mark.

    • Victor Eizenga says:

      the is nothing wrong with this Irish Whiskey I prefer it over Jameson or Bushmill. I think is has more flavor the any Irish Whiskey I have found in the US. It is a real blue collar mans drink. That and a splash of Ginger ale makes an awesome drink for a 74 year old man sitting on his front porch ager a day work.

  3. Oliver says:

    Mike in the previous comments suggesting to try Laphroig or Talisker – both of which are single malt scotch whiskeys from SCOTLAND not Ireland. Proper 12 is a blended Irish whiskey, very different to scotch. I think you should perhaps stop pretending you’re some kind of whiskey connoisseur?

  4. Kevin says:

    It’s rubbish. And the label clearly states aged for minimum of 3 years, so not sure what the palaver about falsely giving the impression it is a 12 yr whiskey. It certainly tastes no older than 3 years (if that), Don’t buy it, get some Teeling into ya instead, same price and so much better!

  5. Martin says:

    I doubt moneybags McGregor would be seen dead drinking 3 year old blended pish water! He should stick to making moonshine out of tatties. Only Scotland makes great whiskey!

  6. JOHN BREHENY says:

    It may need a wee bit of aging mate? Take a Carlowd of notorious Proper No. 12.– 3 yr. old bottles of Irish Whiskey, back it into an ole farmer’s dusty barn, in County Antrim, leave it there for another 9 years, & hay presto, you will then have your 12 year old Proper, notorious Irish Whisky, & it should then have mellowed & will taste beaut & silky in 2028. Surely a whiskey distilled by former Bushmills distiller David Elderman will turn out right over time, as Bushmills is probably the best whiskey/ whisky anywhere on the globe? Anyway, eventually it may be a feather in the cap of young Conor McGregor from Crumin, Dublin.

  7. Wayne says:

    What do folks expect for £25 for crying out loud. Plenty of poor whisky out there that marketing has ascended to glory, jd old No 7 for example. Someone stated only the Irish can produce quality whisky lol most Scotch whisky is no more than mediocre it’s the Japs who do it best without a shadow of a doubt. Again, it’s £25 for a good sized bottle these ways in Bournemouth boozers you gonna pay £6 a pint in alot of ’em so I don’t see the problem. Bells anyone? “No ta”.

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